Gant déperlant avec couteau (protection contre la coupure) et filet d'eau qui ne s'infiltre pas dans le gant.
Protectio - Cut resistant yarn


Protectio® yarns deliver the most suitable protection – cut or abrasion resistance – at optimized performance, cost and comfort.


Key benefits

  • Resistance to cut ,
  • Resistance to abrasion,
  • Quality, durability and comfort.

A full range of products to answer your specific requirements

  • HPPE based yarns
  • Glass fiber reinforced yarns
  • Glass fiber + stainless steel reinforced yarns (a Massebeuf Textiles patented technology)
  • Stainless steel reinforced yarns

Wr treatment

Thanks to our optional Wr treatment, make your product oil and water repellent, more difficult to stain, more comfortable (less water absorption) and easier to wash.

Goutte d'eau sur gant traité Wr Zoom 50